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Most women know how to put on makeup, and would do a makeup look for themselves that matches the occasion and their outfits, in order to enhance their beauty and stylishness. However, they all wish to have their makeup done by professionals for important moments like wedding and graduation. Should you hire one to take up the task, what would be the differences in areas focused on by professional makeup artists versus everyday makeup that you put on yourself?

Makeup artists do not put makeup on their clients like how we put makeup on ourselves. Firstly, they must have steady hands and accurate eyes, especially when putting on eye makeup, in a bid to avoid accidentally smudging the makeup. Secondly, it is essential for them to have knowledge of current trends and stay up to date with the latest fashions, such as the makeup worn by models at top fashion shows or Korean-style makeup that has become wildly popular in recent years.

Without a doubt, the most important job of a makeup artist is to enhance the status and features of his or her clients through cosmetics. Makeup artists must have an understanding of their clients’ skin type and color, and create the most appropriate makeup looks for clients according to their facial features, the type of venue they will be attending that day, and other factors.

However, the job of makeup artists nowadays is no longer limited to making people look beautiful—special effects makeup have also become quite popular. In recent years, more and more plays and dramas have adopted subject matters including cross-gender acting, elderly people, burns, as well as ghosts and monsters. Makeup artists would pay attention to different information in order to give play to their creativity.

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