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More Gov Jobs - Social Worker

Social Welfare Department


More Gov Jobs - Social Worker (Social Welfare Department)

Maria has always wanted to be a social worker since her teenage years. After graduation from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, she became a social worker in the Social Welfare Department (SWD). She has now worked in SWD for more than 10 years and had worked in the adoption team, as a medical social worker at the Queen Mary Hospital and as a social worker at the Family and Child Protective Services Unit. Her most unforgettable case was that of a seven-year-old child whose parents had been jailed and she needed to find a family to adopt him. After several trials, she finally found a suitable overseas family. But suddenly, his father showed up and wanted to get custody of his child. Finally the father knew SWD had done a lot for his boy. When he met his son again, he was pleased and was willing to give up custody of his son. In order to be a competent social worker, you should have good language skills. Moreover, volunteer work would also help you broaden your vision and enrich your personal experience.

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