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Information Centre

About HK

Our Motherland

Understanding the Motherland [Chinese version only] is for every Hong Kong citizen who wishes to know more about China. It contains an introduction to the national flag, the national emblem, geography, the administrative districts of China, unique social customs and information about the capital city of Beijing.

Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education

The Working Group on National Education jointly set up by the Committee on the Promotion of Civic Education and the Commission on Youth has produced a number of short films to promote national education. These films about the people and culture of China can be viewed on the Internet.

Flag and emblem of the HKSAR

You may also be interested to find out about the flag and emblem of the HKSAR. Moreover, Brand Hong Kong symbolises the unique position of the territory, as does the “flying dragon” - one of Hong Kong’s most well-known icons.

More information on Hong Kong

Hong Kong in Brief and Hong Kong Fact Sheets provide you with detailed information on Hong Kong, such as its population, climate, housing, transportation, employment, economy and more.

Hong Kong Yearbook

Hong Kong Yearbook publishes major local issues and events annually.

Hong Kong Statistics

Hong Kong Statistics present key economic and social indicators, and you can search for statistics by subject, statistical charts and tables, and results for many social topics on this website.