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Our Summer Interns

Summer internship during the summer holiday should be what you look for, right?
Become one of our summer interns to learn more about Youth.gov.hk and our various platforms, social innovation and the work of the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund… and more, in addition to simply money and working experience.
How would it be to work as a summer intern here in Youth.gov.hk (Efficiency Unit)?

Watch - 2016 Summer Internship - The FOUR(Facebook album)

2015 Summer Internship - The FOUR(Facebook album)  


Watch - 2015 Summer Internship - New YOUTH Your FRIEND (Facebook album)

2015 Summer Internship - New YOUTH Your FRIEND (Facebook album)  


Watch - 2014 Summer Internship - Reading, Stylish, Show (Facebook album)

2014 Summer Internship  


Watch - 2013 Summer Internship - Running Intern (Facebook album)

2013 Summer Internship   


Watch - 2012 Summer Internship - 8-week engagment

2012 Internship - 8-week engagment( 


Watch - 2011 Summer Internship - Biweekly Sharing

2011 Summer Internship 


Summer Internship opportunities in others Government bureaux/departments, please visit the Government Vacancies Enquiry System


Points to note about Summer Job


Points to note about Employment Protection