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Best Creativity - 2012
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Best Creativity - 2012

The story begins with someone disposing contaminated chemical liquids quietly into the Dalin Pu River on the riverbank… At this moment, a bottle is drifting downstream, floating on the river. Out of curiosity, Gat Dor opens the bottle where Siu Hui fails to stop him. All of a sudden, a strange and disgusting liquid splashes out of the bottle. Followed by a terrible bang, a monster comes out from the bottle (even a lot more nonsense than Guan Gong VS Aliens). Is this the end of the world? How far are the ecosystems destroyed until human beings can understand and recognise the damages? Is 2012 the critical point?*

Titles and synopsises marked with an asterisk (*) are translations provided by the Organising Committee.

Director: WONG Yin Fung
Cinematographer: MOK Tik Yung
Scriptwriter: WONG Yin Fung
Main Cast: WONG Yin Fung

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