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A Guide for Student Seeking Summer Jobs

You may be looking for summer or part-time jobs hoping to gain pocket money and working experience. Yet, you may easily fall prey to scammers’ devious employment traps. Lack of cautiousness may lead to financial loss or unwitting involvement in criminal activities. Beware of Employment Traps To avoid falling into employment traps when looking for summer jobs, please refer to “Beware of Employment Traps” by the Labour Department and learn some tips for protecting yourself. To raise awareness, the Labour Department has also produced a video for you to familiarise with some of the situations. Beware of Industrial Safety & Regulations Fresh job-seekers must pay attention to industrial safety and avoid taking up dangerous work. You should use safety equipment provided by employers and strictly follow all safety regulations at work. Protect yourself and others, your safety always comes first.

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COVID-19 Q&A with Young People (Chinese Only)

While this story is only available in Chinese, Episode 4 of the COVID-19 Q&A with Young People provides anti-epidemic tips in English, please click here to view the video on Facebook.

Social Entrepreneur Series – Teach for all, Teach4HK [Education and Learning]

Social Entrepreneur – Arnold Chan What makes Arnold Chan, a straight-A top student, quit his million-dollar job in an investment bank and change career path to starting a social enterprise to help children from grassroots families? It is the belief of "education changes destiny". After joining a brief summer stint in Beijing, Arnold was overwhelmed by the innovative idea of enlisting university graduates to serve in schools with underprivileged students. The fellow teachers can learn from the uncommon experience while the students are given role models to follow and be motivated to realise their full potential. Arnold then teamed up with a group of enthusiastic and passionate young leaders to set up Teach4HK, following the model of Teach for America. Teach4HK offers a 1-year fellowship programme to university graduates who will serve full-time in schools. While the children will directly benefit, Arnold hopes that a greater impact can be attained when the fellow teachers, with experience in teaching, will take education into account to make a difference whatever their future career will be.   Innovative Venture – Teach4HK The innovative venture mentioned above is funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund and assisted and supported by the Fund’s intermediaries in project implementation.  The details of the innovative venture are as follows: Name of Organisation: Teach for Hong Kong Foundation Limited Service nature: Education and Learning Beneficiary group: Children and Youth Project type: Start-up Intermediary Programme: Impact Incubator What is Social Entrepreneur Series? Stories of how other social entrepreneurs aspired to start their own business might facilitate your social innovation and entrepreneurship exploration. A series of social entrepreneur stories will be featured and categorised into six sub-series: Education and Learning, Job Training and Opportunities, Community Participation, Healthcare, Diet and Transport.  What you are going to read are stories of social entrepreneurs taking forward the startup projects that help themselves and others.

Staying Put or Switching Jobs?

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