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[We Venture] How to apply a startup funding of up to HK$600,000

Wish to start your own business?  The Youth Development Commission has rolled out the “Funding Scheme for Youth Entrepreneurship in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA)” under the “Youth Development Fund”, which aims at providing a capital subsidy of up to HK$600,000, as well as entrepreneurial support and incubation services that befit the needs of young people who are about to start their businesses in Hong Kong and Mainland GBA cities. Read the following easy guide to learn more details of the scheme.   Eligibility criteria#: Youth aged between 18 and 40 Hong Kong permanent resident Start-ups that have not been in operation or have been in operation for not more than 3 years Business registration in Hong Kong Having a planned/established business in Hong Kong and/or Mainland GBA cities (start-ups may set up their business in Mainland GBA cities and/or in Hong Kong)#Individual NGOs may prescribe additional application conditions. Please refer to the project details of the relevant NGOs.     Funding Amount: Each start-up may receive a capital subsidy of up to HK$600,000     Entrepreneurial support and incubation services*: Assistance for settling entrepreneurial bases in Hong Kong and Mainland GBA cities Entrepreneurial guidance and business know-how Professional consultation services Business networking Market and supply chain development services Concessionary and facilitative measures for youth start-ups in various cities*Each youth entrepreneurship project lasts for a maximum of 3 years     Application Method: A total of 16 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are funded under the scheme to implement youth entrepreneurship projects. Individual funded NGOs may further prescribe additional requirements for applicants (such as business nature, affiliation with the institutions, etc.). Interested applicants may refer to the We Venture website.   You may also watch the following video for more information of the Scheme:



【GBA Youth Employment Scheme】

Explore a new pathway for your career in the Mainland cities of the Greater Bay Area. Set off for a broader horizon now!

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Summer Intern in Government 2021 (Keep updating...)

The 2021 Post-Secondary Student Summer Internship Programme has been launched. The Programme provides internship placement opportunities for students who are permanent residents of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and enrolled in full-time accredited post-secondary programmes offered by post-secondary institutions in or outside Hong Kong.Bureaux/departments would advertise their internship placement opportunities (where applicable) on their respective departmental websites and CSB's website. In addition, they may make arrangement with individual post-secondary institutions to nominate students for the Programme. Government summer internship programmes open for application as at 15/4/2021   📅 16/4 Deadline                  Buildings Department, Vacation Trainee (Building Surveying) Apply and Details Buildings Department, Vacation Trainee (Structural Engineering) Apply and Details 📅 21/4 Deadline                  Efficiency Office, Summer Intern (Customer Service) Apply and Details 📅 22/4 Deadline                  Correctional Services Department, Summer InternApply and Details Census and Statistics Department, Summer InternApply and Details 📅 26/4 Deadline                  Lands Department, Summer InternApply and Details Efficiency Office, Summer InternApply and Details 📅 27/4 Deadline                  Marine Department, Summer InternApply and Details 📅 28/4 Deadline                  Highways Department, Vacation Trainee (Vacation Training Scheme 2021) Apply and Details Office of the Communications Authority, Summer Interns (Post 3-4)Apply and Details 📅 29/4 Deadline                  Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, Summer InternApply and Details 📅 30/4 Deadline                  Home Affairs Bureau, Summer InternApply and Details   Application procedures Students who are interested in the placement opportunities advertised may download the standard application form or use the prescribed application forms as provided by individual bureaux/departments (where applicable) and submit their applications to 1) the recruiting bureaux/departments or;2) their respective institutions according to the methods as set out in the advertisements. (*Please follow the application procedures set out in the advertisements) (**To safeguard personal data privacy, students are reminded not to submit their personal data other than through the above channels)(***Please note the deadlines set by the respective institutions)Hong Kong students in non-local post-secondary institutions Hong Kong students studying in non-local post-secondary institutions must complete the application forms, which can be downloaded from the website of the Civil Service Bureau, and send the completed application form together with all necessary documents to the enquiry address of the individual bureaux/departments by post on or before the closing date of application (according to postmark).

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City I&T Grand Challenge Hong Kong

Be an Innovator🌟Ready to bring your ideas to life and help alleviate Hong Kong’s imminent challenges? Get involved now!

Cyberport Academy: Free Resources for Entrepreneurs

It’s easy to start your own business with Cyberport! The Cyberport Academy has launched a new online platform which connects the world's top technology learning resources and offers a wide range of enrichment courses, training programmes and internship opportunities for students, teachers, youth, entrepreneurs and practitioners from all walks of industries. Check out the four useful resources below from the platform! Free Online Learning Tools Provided in Partnership with World Class Platforms The Academy  partners  with global technology  giants  AWS,  IBM  and  Microsoft to offer a  free  online  learning  portal "AIM for Students". Secondary  school  students  and  university  students  can  keep  themselves  updated  with latest technology trends and knowledge, while teachers can embrace EdTech by utilising the platform to create an interactive learning environment. Free Online Entrepreneurship Learning Platform The online portal is connected to the Startup School of Y Combinator, a leading start-up accelerator in the United States. Start-ups can get chances to connect with internationally renowned  start-ups  such  as  Airbnb,  Stripe  and  Coin base,  and  get  access  to  free entrepreneurial  advice  and  consultations. Certificate courses and workshops Provide recognised training programmes and courses including accredited programmes, special short courses, seminars, workshops, delegations, etc. The programmes cover areas in innovation and technology including FinTech and Smart Living with the aim to provide students with credible qualifications and level hierarchy recognition. Talent cultivation programmes Cyberport Academy provides internships and career opportunities, including collaborating with faculties in various tertiary institutions and encourages university students to participate in multi-disciplinary credit-bearing externship programmes to gain hands-on experience in managing start-ups. There are also internships and entrepreneurial activities such as Cyberport Digital Tech Internship Programme and Cyberport University Partnership Programme. The Academy also holds annual Career Fair to further connect the I&T industry with job seekers and cultivate tech talents. Please stay tuned for the latest updates on the official website of Cyberport.



"FIT Programme" creates 12-month job placements for fresh graduates

Are you a fresh or recent graduate interested in working with an international business? Or looking to put your creative talent to practical use? FIT, an internship programme for Future International Talent, might be the place to search. A joint initiative between the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau (CEDB) and six international chambers of commerce in Hong Kong (the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong; the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong; the German Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong; the Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry; and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong), Future International Talent (FIT) Programme provides 12-month job placements to fresh and recent graduates at companies across different industries, offering opportunities to gain experience in creative, business management roles and more.FIT is a job creation scheme funded by the Anti-Epidemic Fund. It supports members of the participating international chambers of commerce in creating 12-month job placements for fresh and recent graduates in Hong Kong, with a salary subsidy of HK$5,610 or HK$10,000 per month for each position. Priority is accorded to the creative industries or creative roles in other industries.If you are interested in applying for relevant positions, please refer to Job Vacancies website.Eligibility criteria of FIT candidate:- be a HKSAR resident over 18 years old holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card;- be a fresh graduate in 2020 or 2021, or has no more than five years of work experience;- be or will soon be a holder of accredited certificates, diplomas, degrees obtained in programmes of post-secondary and tertiary institutes, or have relevant work experience; and- has not been employed by the hiring company within six months before the date of application. For details, please visit CEDB wesbite.

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Job Searching in the GBA

The Explorer magazine of introduces the career and business opportunities of Hong Kong people in the Greater Bay Area.

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    Staying Put or Switching Jobs?