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Bar Bender

Bar Bender

There is a serious mismatch between the supply of land and the needs of society in Hong Kong. Local housing demand amounts to 47,000 homes per year, so construction sites are seen all across the city. Under the Regulations, a registered safety officer must be employed on a full time basis when the total number of persons employed on a construction site is over 100. Hence, registered safety officers are sought after on the job market. The monthly salary of a middle-aged man you see at a construction site might have exceeded HK$30,000. Even those at the entry level can have a starting salary of up to HK$20,000 per month.

Many relevant courses are now available for enrollment. Cheung Siuqiu, a mentor at the

Is it true people choose to be bar benders due to failure in academic studies?

Most people think working in the construction sites is a tough, sweaty job and prefer to be white collars and work in the air-conditioned office. Yet, in recent years, there are many large infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, and bar benders are sought-after with a high daily wage of up to HK$1,800. Even newbies who have just completed training are offered with a daily wage of HK$800, as much as those of white collar.

Bar benders normally work for eight hours a day. In summer, they can get an additional high-temperature subsidy. Bar benders are responsible for laying foundations and erecting its frame of steel and iron on a concrete wall, in order to give structural rigidity and capacity to the load-bearing wall. These duties involve high risks, a large amount of energy, and prolonged exposure to sun, rain and other outdoor elements. Therefore, their money is earned by hard toil and they deserve the high pay they are getting.

Do people choose to be bar benders due to their failure in academic studies? In fact, no. Some of the applicants are undergraduate and postgraduate students. Job applicants with a higher level of proficiency in English may coordinate paperwork and, with years of relevant work experience, can pave their way for being sub-contractors.

If you are interested in being a bar bender, you can take the one-year Basic Craft Course offered by the Construction Industry Council (CIC), which provides physical training and teaching of different technical skills. Each trainee will receive a monthly allowance of up to HK$2,800 during the training period.

and Safety Training Center of Construction Industry Council, said that applicants with relevant experience of no less than a year and a recognized degree, advanced diploma, diploma or certificate are qualified to be a registered safety officer. Besides, good communication skills are essential for a successful registered safety officer. Cheung added that safety officers should be outgoing as they have to face different groups of people at work and convey the significance of safety and health, and methods and principles of execution to them. Good communication skills can definitely enhance their persuasiveness as well as work efficiency.

If you are interested in working in the construction industry and have good interpersonal skills, don't hesitate! Take action!

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