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Electrical and mechanical (E&M) workers

Electrical and mechanical (E&M) workers

Labour shortage may be one of the reasons why housing prices are on the rise in Hong Kong. There are at least 10,000 vacancies for skilled workers in the construction industry each year in Hong Kong, with a severe shortage of electrical and mechanical (E&M) workers. This is because many licensed E&M workers are reluctant to take up the job, given that their salaries are typically lower than those of other jobs in the construction industry. However, it is believed that E&M workers will likely be paid more due to such shortage. 

E&M workers are in high demand thanks to various infrastructure projects in Hong Kong, so one can consider enrolling in related courses to acquire the skills. Presently, many institutions provide such courses for students. Take the course for electrical and mechanical (construction) industry offered by the Vocational Training Council as an example: students can receive vocational training while pursuing their studies, thereby allowing them to be able to enjoy stable incomes as well as obtain recognized academic qualifications. School-leavers from Secondary Three to Secondary Five are entitled to full tuition fee exemption. In terms of the curriculum, students will study full-time in the first year and become registered apprentices and study on a part-time basis in the second to fourth year.

Those who are interested should take action now to capitalize on the opportunity to move ahead!

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