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Insufficient plumbers due to difficulty in getting a license

Clean drinking water should not be taken for granted. Indeed, water is the gift of nature, but we should not neglect the contribution of plumbers.

There are only about 3000 plumbers in Hong Kong, including licensed plumbers, skilled plumbers and semi-skilled plumbers. Licensed Plumbers are responsible for constructing and installing water supply system, making recommendations on major water pipes and fittings and submitting test reports of drinking water samples to the Water Supplies Department. Skilled plumbers and semi-skilled plumbers are responsible for projects which do not involve alteration of plumbing installations and hydrographic conditions, including installation of valves, drain-off pipes and supply pipes, cutting and connection of galvanized pipes, processing hydraulic test for installed pipes, and installation of flushing cisterns and showers valves.

Currently, the daily wage of semi-skilled plumbers and skilled plumbers range from HK$900 to HK$1200. Despite the industry's plan to increase salaries by 10%, it is still faced with the problem of manpower shortage, as it is very difficult to get a license. The passing rate of the exam for skilled plumbers was 36% this year. Many candidates fail to meet up to standard when dealing with leakage and drain-off system, or bore holes in improper positions.

Without the contribution of many people, we will not be able to obtain clean drinking water. Similarly, clear life goals would not be possible without detailed planning and effort. Will you consider being a plumber and devoting to providing clean drinking water for the public?


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