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Career and Study

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Chinese

Course summary

The programme is structured with the following learning outcomes:
Upon graduation, each students is expected to have acquired sound knowledge of Chinese language and writiing, classical and modern Chinese literature as well as Chinese literary criticism.
Upon graduation, each student is expected to possess sound Chinese language and writing skills as well as analytical ability in literary appreciation of the Chinese literature.
Upon graudation, each student is expected to share virtues of a liberal arts education such as aesthetic appreciation, openness to new perspectives as well as critical and analytical thinking.

Upon graduation, each student is expected to achieve the following objectives:
1.to be able to use standard Chinese effectively in its verbal and written forms;
2. to have studied Chinese literary works from an inter-disciplinary approach;
3.to have acquired a sound knowledge of classical and modern Chinese literature;
4.to be competent in professional writing, e.g. script writing in mass media and business document drafting;
5.to have good logical reasoning, broad perspectives, and basic computer knowledge;
6.to have adequate proficiency in English to play a useful and rewarding role in a billingual society.

Entry Requirement

General Entrance Requirements
Applicants must have obtained the following results in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) examination:
English Language: Level 3
Chinese Language: Level 3
Mathematics: Level 2
Liberal Studies: Level 2
One Elective Subject: Level 2

Faculty Entrance Requirements
(a) HKDSE scores or equivalent,
(b) HKDSE Chinese Language and/or Chinese Literature scores or equivalent,
(c) first term GPA at Lingnan University,
(d) best score of a course achieved in the first term from among the Free Elective (CHI) courses and Core Cluster courses taught by the Chinese Department,
(e) interview if needed.



Address of the institution

8 Castle Peak Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories

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Lingnan University

Programme type


Academic structure

Full time

Duration of study

4 year(s)

Time for application