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Career and Study

Become a bartender to blend a great glass of cocktail

Career and Study

Just like other professionals, being a successful bartender is more than shaking and throwing cups and requires long-term painstaking practice.

There are many ways to learn bartending, such as taking courses or learning from a master. However, attitude is the most important no matter which method you choose. Twenty-three year-old Bailin, who learned bartending from professional bartender Kit for five years, said he learned the trade stealthily as a waiter in the beginning, and what he understood from the five-year experience is that it’s necessary to respect everyone even if others may not respect you. Thanks to his humble attitude, determination and hard work, he finally succeeded.

For customers, it is difficult to find good wines; for bartenders, it is hard to make outstanding cocktails. An excellent bartender needs to master basic skills and knowledge first, before gradually going on to create new flavors and signature cocktails based on his/her own experience.