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Career and Study

Co-working space meets market demand

Career and Study

With the changing times, many start-up companies actually do not need a large office in the early stage. In recent years, co-working space, a new work form originated from the US, has developed rapidly in Hong Kong to become a new force in the office culture.

Co-working space is a community platform that allows various startups to work and communicate in a spacious office with others by paying just a low monthly rent. It provides tenantable rooms that are equipped with basic facilities such as work tables, chairs and cubbyholes. Different from general business centers, co-working space offers larger space, with interior design more convenient for communications. Furthermore, it is equipped with recreational amenities and coffee rooms to meet various demands.  

Hong Kong’s sky-high office rents are daunting for startup businesses and hinder the development of small companies. Therefore, co-working space will absolutely meet market demand.