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Flight attendants: The day we cannot fly any more

Career and Study

Cathay Pacific Airways Flight Attendants Union recently released a three-minute video clip titled “To fly or not to fly, it should be an option” on its Facebook page, demanding the airline to take seriously the issue of age discrimination and extend the retirement age of cabin crew members from 55 to 65 years of age.

Indeed, flight attendants retire ten years earlier than other wage-earners as they are deemed unable to fly after the age of 55, which causes panic both economically and psychologically. Nowadays, most people form families and raise children after the age of 30; hence, it seems too early to be forced into retirement and lose the source of income at 55 years old. Since it is not easy to find a new job at 55, people are inevitably worried about life in the future.

In fact, many senior flight attendants around the age of 50 are still qualified for their work. Thus, it’s unnecessary to set an age limit and flight attendants can absolutely fly at 55 years old.