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Career and Study

Full-time freelancer?

Career and Study

There are lees to every wine, and the same goes for work. Full-time jobs are stable, but it is difficult for employees to apply for vacation to travel. Meanwhile, part-time jobs don’t provide steady income, but offer different work experiences to allow people to search for their ideal career paths.

Some college graduates choose to become full-time freelancers to enjoy flexible working hours. This allows them to do what they want while taking the time to consider their development paths.

Now, it is much easier to become a freelancer than before, thanks to the recent launch of part-time job apps for mobile devices, which greatly facilitate employers and job-seekers. Through these apps, job hunters can land a job in as fast as one-and-a-half hours.

Although full-time freelancers have many advantages, freelancers should be clear about their working relationship with the hiring establishment, whether it is an employee and employer relationship or it is a service contractor and a customer relationship. If employment relationship does not exist between the freelancer and the hiring establishment, i.e. the freelancer is not an “employee”, he/she is not covered by the Employment Ordinance and other ordinances protecting employees’ rights and benefits.  Hence, freelancers should think twice and ask family members for their opinions if necessary before taking up a job.

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