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Career and Study

Resume of the new generation

Career and Study

Everyone knows how to write a resume, and even if they don’t, they can search online to find a huge number of templates for reference. A resume contains information such as personal particulars, education background, working experience, computer skills, etc. But it takes some time to make a resume stand out so as to attract the eyes of employers.

Resumes differ in many ways, but the basics remain the same. Earlier, a young man from mainland China, who is fond of online games and capable of coding and has conjured up some game programs for himself, wrote all his achievements in online games into his resume when applying for a job. He was eventually hired by a technology company that recognized his obsession with online games, and believed he is the talent they are looking for.

You may think it is crazy to write about game playing experience in resume, but indeed it’s not. No matter which generation you are from, you can write a good resume that meets the requirements of a company’s job description.