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Career and Study

Development of sports industry

Career and Study

It is a common phenomenon for urbanites living in a busy city like Hong Kong to lack exercise. A survey showed that about 80% of secondary school students in Hong Kong polled only exercised twice a week or less, and about 40% of the students did not exercise at all. The amount of exercise they did was less than the level recommended by the World Health Organization.

Both the learning environment and teaching modes in Hong Kong are academic development-oriented. Schools pay inadequate attention to physical education and even host lectures or arrange extra classes for students during physical education class from time to time. Moreover, schools in general neither carry out much investment in resources and venues for physical education, nor promote sports activities to parents and students. Hence, coupled with not enough diversification in sports programs at school, students become unenthusiastic about physical education class.

With their waning interest in sports, fewer and fewer students consider sports-related occupations. Over time, the sports industry will be on the decline. It is suggested that the government should step up efforts to arouse public awareness about the importance of sports industry development.