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Introduction to electronic payment

Career and Study


Consumers are dazzled by the great number of e-payment services or related physical products that have emerged on the market in the past few years. People are familiar with the Octopus card, which is a daily survival tool in Hong Kong, but not many know about the e-payment tools newly-issued in recent years.

Hong Kong people all know what an e-wallet is, because Octopus card is a kind of e-wallet. Yet, there are an array of e-wallet apps for use on mobile phone, targeting at different consumers, such as TnG Wallet, Alipay and PayPal.

Customers can register for those apps and top up their accounts to make payments and carry out other transactions via these e-wallet apps.

In recent years, many large banks have also rolled out mobile apps, including HSBC's PayMe and Apple Pay, to allow credit card users to carry out simple and small transactions. Customers who have registered for the apps and confirmed their credit card information can make payments via mobile phone and even transfer money to their friends using the apps, doing away with cumbersome procedures at zero transaction fee. 

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