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Career and Study

Stories of Youth Entrepreneurship – Proclaims the copyrights of your design

Career and Study

Inspiration is indispensable when starting a business, especially in the design sector. New designers are most troubled by piracy as it is costly to apply for a patent to protect their copyrights.

To deal with the problem, porcelain designer Monica proclaims her copyrights online from time to time so that counterparts would be reluctant to copy her works. She also adds her name to her creations and gradually turned her creative works into merchandises and created her own brand. She later received multiple awards including the HSBC Youth Business Award 2016, Red Dot Award and DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

Hong Kong has proactively promoted cultural and creative industries in recent years and many business start-up platforms have emerged, rendering it a lot easier for new designers to make use of their creations and designs to expand their own businesses, thereby opening up another broad career path for themselves.