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Career and Study

Stories of Youth Entrepreneurship – Longevity Design House

Career and Study

Hong Kong is undergoing immense changes in demographic structure. While the population in Hong Kong is growing, the number of births is declining, resulting in an increasingly ageing population. According to the Census and Statistics Department, senior citizens aged 65 or above will account for 36% of the total population 50 years later, and the population ageing would lead to declining workforce and tax revenue as well as rising expenditure on healthcare and social welfare. However, this creates huge business opportunities for young people to develop services for the elderly.

Several young people born in the 1980s from different sectors have teamed up to resolve issues arising from ageing population. They hope to improve the conditions of senior citizens living in solitude. They joined the HKFYG Jockey Club Incubation Programme for Social Innovation, and received a start-up funding of HK$30,000 to set up a social group called “Longevity Design House” to design and improve the homes of senior citizens, so that they will be less prone to household accidents.

Some might start a company in order to be a boss, but you may also start one to help the community and change the world with your care and love.