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Career and Study

Stories of Youth Entrepreneurship - Online Platform for Recipes

Career and Study

DayDayCook, a Hong Kong-based online platform for recipes, has accumulated more than 400,000 members on its website and mobile app since its launch and made ends meet for many years. The platform even received investments from several funds in 2016 to foray into the mainland market.

Norma Chu, founder of the platform, had once immigrated to the US. She finds joy in cooking and has watched many foreign cooking shows on TV. She especially enjoys seeing an American female financier who frequently shares her cooking experience and tasteful life on TV programs. After returning to Hong Kong, she found that she could not find a suitable website for Chinese food and decided to create her own recipe website.

With the support of her husband, she gave up the senior post as HSBC’s director of equity research department and high salary several years ago and devoted herself to the establishment of DayDayCook. In the beginning, she even shot her own videos to teach people how to cook. Now, DayDayCook’s business is no longer limited to a website for recipes. It is also trying to develop businesses in food sales and deliveries in the mainland.