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Career and Study

Stories of Youth Entrepreneurship – Mobile Apps for part-time jobs

Career and Study

These days, many Hongkongers love to take up part-time jobs, citing its high pay and flexible working hours. In the past, they needed to look for intermediaries to refer jobs to them. The process usually took a few of days and they must pay a referral fee. Some young people saw a business opportunity there and developed mobile phone apps to match employers up with employees in real time. A founder of such a company pointed out that the objective of the company is to leverage on technology to bring changes to the employment market and facilitate both the employers and the employees. At present, the company generates a six-digit sales revenue per month and is expected to break even next year.

Some young people born in the 1980s seek to help their older family members find something to do to kill time after they retired. It was this kindness and filial piety that has pushed them to take the move to develop a mobile app for the near-retirees and retirees to look for jobs, find out information about entertainment, activities, talks. The app has attracted more than 30,000 users and has helped more than 100 people find a job so far.

It can be seen that there are many ways to start your own company, just as the proverb says, "All roads lead to Rome". You should take action if you have the intention to start a business, which not only can benefit the community, but can also give you the chance to be a boss.