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Career and Study

Who are you after graduation?

Career and Study

The year 2016 is half over. What kind of job market are young people facing? We have made the following discoveries based on newspaper clippings over the past six months.

The most popular choice: Wage earner

The market has great demand for talents who specialize in app design and multimedia creation, so the monthly salary of a related job may hit HK$30,000. Those who are interested in such jobs should not miss this great opportunity.

If you want to take on alternative jobs, the employees training board is offering the first-ever training course for basic butchering certification, free of charge. The course lasts for one month, while the starting salary for the job reaches up to HK$13,000, and will hit HK$30,000 later on.

Some people are inspired by TV dramas to pursue their dreams. For example, Wong Ka-kit has dreamed of becoming a pilot after graduation, but failed in all four attempts. He then enrolled in flight theory courses and accumulated flying experience in Hong Kong and Australia. Eventually, he was admitted to Dragonair as a cadet pilot in his fifth attempt.

The Vocational Training Council has also launched a pilot program for those who plan to enter the retail sector, but some unscrupulous employers have exploited these trainees after they complete their internship. Therefore, most trainees choose to join the retail sector as full-time workers in advance.

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Popular emerging choice: Entrepreneur

The young Lai Hoi Shan and Pang Tin Wai are adamant about their dreams and travelled to the UK to pursue their dreams. Pang Tin Wai received internship opportunities at an interior design company and renowned fashion brand. Lai Hoi Shan won a fashion design competition by making use of the 3D printing technology. Taking advantage of the fact that people do not like to hold the door handles of washrooms, a team of three students from The Church of Christ in China Tam Lee Lai Fun Memorial Secondary School developed a “self-cleaning door handle”, which won gold at the International Exhibition of Inventions, Geneva. They failed many times but finally succeeded. There are now manufacturers who are interested in producing the product.

Having talent or being a genius is not a must for business startups. The government earlier launched a food truck scheme, planning to issue 16 food truck licenses. The approval process is expected to be completed in August. Up to HK$300,000 will be granted for financing application. Does this make you want to start a business?


Gov Job

Hong Kong’s largest employer: The government

Some people want to seek development in government agencies. But the recent suggestion by the Standing Commission on Civil Service Salaries and Conditions of Service (SCCS) to government to revise down the salary for graduate grades civil servants by 1 scale as well as the popularization of education have fueled the competition. Therefore, people who intend to work in government organizations need to consider furthering their studies, so as to receive a higher pay.

Meanwhile, different departments of the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) needs to hire more hands, such as probationary inspectors, police constables and auxiliary police officers, to fill the vacancies left by retirees. As these jobs are well-paid, a large number of applications have been received. To coordinate with the rapid development of social network platforms in recent years, the HKPF also needs to hire some contract new media writers and designers, which are non-civil service positions and require only a college diploma and relevant experience.

The Food and Health Bureau published a study of Hong Kong’s demand for doctors and nurses, which estimates that the demand and supply of nurses will be close to balance by 2025. Except for psychiatry, other departments still need 3,000 medical workers to reach the balance. If you are interested in being an angel in white, you can seize the chance to enter the medical sector.

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