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Career and Study

Business Competition – Establish your own SE with a million dollars

Career and Study

Some youngsters said that they would be able to build their commercial empires if someone were to give them the first pot of gold.

But is it really that simple to be an entrepreneur? 

Now, there is a million dollars, but do you have the grit to make every dollar count?

Students studying Higher Diploma in Accounting from Hong Kong College of Technology had recently won the ACCA Hong Kong Business Competition 2013 organised by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, beating teams from other colleges and schools such as HKU Space, IVE, and CUSCS.

The ACCA gave each team a million dollars and asked them to submit a two-year social enterprise project proposal with the elderlies as target service users. The winning team proposed the construction of a spa centre to provide the elderlies with spa services along with traditional Chinese medicine.

 “To thoroughly understand the needs of the elderlies, we had to read a number of references and books related to Chinese medicine. We have also conducted surveys on about 200 elderlies for their views on health products, as well as to learn about their income and family background. Our team really stood out by knowing exactly what the elderlies think about health products and Chinese medicine spa,” said Captain of the HKCT team.