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Career and Study

Construction 4 entered the WorldSkills Competition

Career and Study

Most Hong Kong youngsters are raised in moderately wealthy families, therefore, they will hardly repair houses, or make articles of daily use, such as clothes and tables, etc. by themselves. As the construction industry is ever-prospering, many youngsters aspire to embark on their journey in this industry. They learn how to make furniture and many other techniques, including carpentry, water system assembling, and wall painting, etc.

Four youngsters born in the 1990s will represent Construction Industry Council in World Skills Competition with their craftsmanship. The competition will be held in Brazil in August, and the four representatives who are winners of World Skills Hong Kong will be competing in four programs including woodworking, pipelining, painting and tiling. They are now on special training programs to improve their skills.

One of the participants is the representative for the woodworking project. He reckoned that woodwork is a craft that requires energy and time. Everything starts from scratch without any iron nails but joggle joint which must be absolutely accurate in a bid to build sturdy and durable products. While another representative named Zyunzit Lee, who took part in the painting project, deemed that painting is a kind of art. Only if one is extremely precise whether in dilution of paint or in the lines can he draw the most ideal meritum paint in his mind.

The Construction Industry Council expects to improve the professional image of the construction industry and promote interaction so as to attract more teenagers to participate in the contest.