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Career and Study

Meat-cutting course

Career and Study

Meat-cutters are the butchers that are commonly seen in the wet markets. Meat-cutters have to stand long hours with excruciating workload and are considered as "offensive trade" and thus very few youngsters are willing to embark on this career. With an increasing number of current meat-cutters are approaching their retirement, the industry sees an imminent shortage of labour. 

The industry hoped the government can organize more courses on meat-cutting to cultivate more talents in the field. The course should entail classification of different parts of pork and slaughter knowledge, as well as providing students with job opportunities. Secretary for Labour and Welfare Matthew Cheung promised to allocate more resources that the Employees Retraining Board will offer full-time meat-cutting courses for free. Participants will receive daily allowance of HK$153.8. Cheung also encouraged the industry to expand the recruitment base by inviting citizens aged 60-70, ethnic minorities, rehabilitated offenders and people with mild disability to join the industry.

In fact, the daily wage of the employees of fresh meat processing industry ranges from HK$900 to HK$1,000, with possible monthly salary of over HK$20,000. Besides, the industry can provide stable job opportunities as the fresh meat processing work cannot be replaced by machines and the working environment is not appalling as the one imagined. Thus, the younger generation can consider joining the industry.

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