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Career and Study

80% of youngsters would embark on a working holiday

Career and Study

A survey revealed that nearly 80% of the over 2000 youngster-respondents would embark on a working holiday if the condition allows, and over 70% of them believe that it would open up more employment opportunities for them in the future. A person in charge of the survey said that some employers reckoned that job applicants working holiday experiences can withstand higher pressure with lower expectation on salary.

In fact, people embarked on working holidays with different aims. Some simply aspire to learn about foreign cultures so as to broaden their horizon, while some others aim to boost their capabilities while earning money and work experience. There is no doubt that working holiday is a great opportunity to boost one's self-management and ability in solving crisis, which will eventually make the individual better deal with different tasks. A teacher didn’t lose faith despite failing to land a job in half a year after retuning to Hong Kong from a working holiday in Germany, for adaptability and confidence were greatly enhanced by the working holiday experience.

Working abroad can be attractive, yet dangerous at the same time because crisis often emerges in an unfamiliar environment. Besides making clear one's goals while working abroad, it is more important to stay vigilant to dangers at all time. ABC Television reported many cases in which Australian farms colluded with intermediaries to cut the wage of foreign workers, and there were cases in which foreign workers were tricked into prostitution and crimes. Victims in those cases often got into troubles as they are unfamiliar with local environment given existing loose regulation of local authorities.

The Labour Department reminded that if people are involved in serious accidents abroad, they should immediately approach the local government authorities or the relevant Chinese Embassy or Consulate for assistance, or call the 24-hour hotline of the Assistance to Hong Kong Residents Unit of the Immigration Department at (852)1868.