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Career and Study

The agitation of fake universities

Career and Study

A university graduation certificate has long been deemed as an admission ticket or key to the ideal jobs. Many local and foreign illegal merchants take the advantages of the public’s yearning for higher academic qualifications to make illegal profits.

Recently, a mainland China’s educational website has released a list of fake universities in China. More than 200 institutions on the list claimed that they are qualified to confer the academic qualifications, but in fact they are not acknowledged by the officials. Some fake universities even imitate the school names and websites of the acknowledged universities to mislead citizens to apply and pay for their courses.

In addition, rumors had it that some companies peddled fake academic certificates online, such as Axact, a Pakistani doc-com which was exposed to have been engaging in sales service involving fake certificates. The company sells fake certificates through the Internet to global customers, including those in the US and Persian Gulf countries, profiting an estimated tens of millions of US dollars per year. Meanwhile, these websites imitated the fine frameworks of some official schools’ websites to an extent that one can hardly spot a fake, boasting their schools as “time-honored” and “world-renowned”. They even fabricated news reports or recruit a crew to act as teachers and students to shoot promotion videos. These practices may seem over-the-top and ridiculous, yet numerous netizens did fall prey to these traps.

The knowledge-based society nowadays has a higher requirement when it comes to one's educational background, and it’s easy for students to apply for overseas study. Given the more choices of further education and the lack of knowledge about the education scenes in Mainland China and other places outside Hong Kong, the public are advised to be more prudent and cautious about overseas study plan. They are advised to contact certified intermediaries for the best solution in a bid to avoid falling into the trap of fake academic conferment.