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Career and Study

Is it difficult to get a job that fits your interests?

Career and Study

Hong Kong has long been deemed to feature a rather narrow scope of industry as most of which are finance-oriented. In this light, some reckon that it may render difficult to embark on a career that fits one's interests well. Nevertheless, this is not necessarily the case and job seekers can start considering an array of emerging jobs related to the sports and art fields.

One worth-noting job opportunity is the new round of recruitment of race trainees in the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Trainees can experience job rotation, having a taste of being a jockey and a farrier. Upon the completion of the program, trainees can receive qualification equivalent to level-1 to level-3 of Hong Kong accreditation of academic and vocational qualification, or accredited certificate or diploma. Trainees will have opportunities to receive further training overseas. Youngsters aged 15 or above who love sports and animals and have finished three years of junior high school courses should apply for the racing trainees.  

Another job opportunity that may fit one's interest is pool lifeguards for sculpture art exhibitions in shopping mall. Applicants are not required to possess a pool lifeguard certificate and will receive a daily remuneration of HK$10,000 for five hours as long as they are enthusiastic and cheerful, and most importantly interested in art.

In addition, quite a lot of youngsters have actively developed their personal interest into a career or even business, such as latte-art, dessert and fashion. Key to success in craftsmanship-concentrated occupations lies in persistent practice. Therefore the answer would vary from person to person as to whether it’s easy or difficult to integrate personal interests with work, as this depends on whether he or she is highly self-disciplined.