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Career and Study

On the road to becoming a barista

Career and Study

Coffee and cafe have become an indispensable part to the vast majority of Hongkongers as the coffee culture has gradually rooted and blossomed in Hong Kong. An increasing number of youngsters aspired to embark on this career path. A number of fresh graduates revealed they intended to attend coffee brewing courses. HKYWCA-Continuing Education Department teams up with the Employees Retraining Board to offer basic certificate programme for coffee brewing staff every year and the admission rate is more than 90%.

Some industry insiders pointed out that enrolling in professional coffee brewing courses does not guarantee a better pay, but the remuneration of the industry is on the rise. For example, monthly salaries of full-time baristas at Starbucks Hong Kong range from HK$10,000 to HK$12,000, while that of branch directors range from HK$12,000 to HK$14,000.  

Many local baristas have stood out at international barista and latte art contests in recent years. These contests imposed extremely high standards on the presentation of coffee, time control and brewing skills. Brewing coffee is all about techniques and patience, which forms a stark contrast to citizens who simply value efficiency will little emphasis on details. In this light, the profession of baristas has shed light on the exceptional standards set on the quality of life.

Life is indeed full of ample opportunities and possibilities. A small cup of coffee can be a simple beverage, but also a manifestation of art and dreams. A coffee cup is big enough to accommodate craftsmanship and perseverance. Let's take a sip and explore your desire in becoming a barista.