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Career and Study

Is it better to be a casual worker than full-time employee in catering industry?

Career and Study

Casual workers refer to temporary employees in the catering industry. These workers usually have an attractive income due to the continuous shortage of hands in the industry. The implementation of Minimum Wage Ordinance narrowed the wage gap among several sectors. Many employees working in the catering industry switched to other relatively easy jobs, such as security guard and salesperson, resulting in a long-term shortage of manpower in the sector, including restaurants and hotels. Therefore, casual workers are always in enormous demand. Some restaurants even hire temporary workers at HK$80 per hour, 30% higher than market price, hoping to ease manpower shortage and keep the business running smooth. The pay may be higher than the hourly wage of some full-time employees. Besides, the ‘manpower shortage’ of the catering industry also activates the intermediaries who introduce thousands of casual workers to work in different restaurants in the peak season and subsequently earn intermediary fees.

As the catering industry always lacks manpower, casual workers will see endless job opportunities every day. Yet, those who plan to switch from their permanent jobs to the temporary ones should consider thoroughly, for the latter does not provide any welfare and promotion opportunities. Many students engaged in part-time jobs in the catering industry due to the flexible working time as well as high hourly pay.

For those who intended to devote themselves to the catering industry, casual workers could be one of the attractive offers in the industry which sees continuous shortage of labour.