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Career and Study

Think about becoming a building surveyor as the sector sees shortage of talent

Career and Study

The first impression people have of a city is always based on its architecture. Architecture is a subject that requires both knowledge of applicable technologies and artistic sense. It is awe-inspiring to find out that Chinese gardens and mansions are built without using a single nail, and the palaces of ancient Greece are magnificent in size and exquisite in workmanship. Architects are really worthy of our admiration.

Just as skyscrapers have to be built from the ground, all surveyors have to study the basics first before attaining their professional qualification, and there is no shortcut. Perseverance is the quality you need to become an outstanding surveyor.

Every year, about 100 students in Hong Kong graduate with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Surveying (recognized degree) from the HKU, PolyU, CityU and universities overseas. After getting the recognized degree, graduates need to have more than two years of working experience and pass the assessment of APC in a bid to obtain the professional qualification of the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS). Another path is for those with a recognized higher diploma or associate degree to become Associate Members of the HKIS by working in the industry and passing the assessment of ATC. They will become a Corporate Member upon passing the assessment of APC.

As the government strives to develop large-scale projects and push ahead with the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme as well as the policy of barrier-free facilities, Hong Kong’s real estate sector is expected to boom, and so are the architecture and surveying sectors. The number of job opportunities in these sectors will be on the rise, and graduates from architecture and surveying departments will not have to worry about finding a job as there will be vacancies in the government (from the Government Property Agency, the Housing Department, the Architectural Services Department and the Buildings Department), public utilities firms (MTR Corp. and the Hong Kong Housing Society), property developers, surveying consultancy firms, hotels and property investment firms. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in architecture and surveying are advised to take proactive move to learn about the profession.