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Career and Study

Two funny news stories about exams

Career and Study

Useless to spend the night preparing for exams! 

It is believed that a majority of students will stay the night to prepare for exams. But according to a one-year survey conducted by the Harvard Graduate School of Education on 4,000 UK teenagers aged 11 to 18, this practice is helpless at all for boosting exam results! The school found that students that actively prepare for exams and those that are courageous and resolute always have a healthy living habit and are more emotionally stable.

 Guy dresses as a woman to take exams for his girlfriend 

The UK media reported that a 20-year-old man in Kazakhstan was caught to have dressed as a woman to take the ‘unified national testing’ for his girlfriend. He was fined about HK$10,000 for his action while his girlfriend’s qualification for the exam was cancelled and has to wait for another year to take the exam. This incident that seems to happen only in TV drama series was a real-life story. Though the man showed his courage, creativity as well as sincerity, his action has done more harm than good for his girlfriend.