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Career and Study

New innovative courses that are beyond your expectation

Career and Study

Different groups and organizations have been launching new courses regularly to attract more participants. Recently, some innovative and practical courses have been released. Read on and see if you are interested!

Many girls like to receive flowers, but a funeral floral wreath can also represent respect for the dead. Recently, Hong Kong Institute of Funerals has opened a course named ‘funeral florists’, hoping to inject new blood into the industry. Chan Wai-shing, director of Hong Kong Institute of Funeral, said there were no more than 200 professional funeral florists in Hong Kong at present, with their average age of more than 50 years old; therefore, many funeral flower shops are facing the lack of labour and successors. However, the funeral industry has the potential for development. Chan Wai-nga, one of the instructors of the institute, said the funeral industry has allowed more room for creative designs and its requirement for creativity becomes much higher nowadays, despite the impression of tradition and solemnity it gives to the public. It is believed there is capacious space for the new generation to develop their career in the funeral industry.

If you find flower arranging not interesting enough, you may participate in other courses. For example, the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions has recently launched a course titled "Diploma in Supply Management for TaoBao Online Shop". People who are interested in online shopping may consider turning your interest into career.

Besides, research found that the number of complaints against taxi services has been on the rise. Some scholars suggest launching a two-year course on Diploma in personalized transportation service, in a bid to cultivate secondary school graduates for the taxi industry.

There really is a great variety of courses! And you must be able to find one that you are interested!