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Career and Study

Special guards as a new job option for young people

Career and Study

Tens of thousands of newly-built residential and commercial buildings each year in HK have escalated the demand for property management practitioners, boosting both job vacancies and wages in the sector. Among all the positions in the sector, the special guard position emerges as a new job option for young people.

Similar to the Disciplinary Forces of HK, the special guard is an occupation for both men and women. A 24-year-old lady surnamed Cheung was a trainee of the “special guard training program” launched by the Employees Retraining Board. She worked in the beauty industry before job-hopping to a top-class commercial building of Nan Fung Group, where she is in charge of security, patrol, complaint handling and other work now. Her current salary is 40% higher than that of the previous job. She thinks that women are more detailed-minded and patient and have high competence to deal with emergencies.

Nan Fung Group admitted 20 trainees for Specialized Security Services Training Program 2014, offering monthly salaries of about HK$15,400. They may be promoted to managers with monthly wages of up to HK$40,000 after three years if they perform well. Yip Wei Kiat, managing director of the property management company under Nan Fung Group, held that the trainees were young and efficient, which enabled them to grasp the professional knowledge easily. Megastrength Security Services Co. Ltd. and City Security Company Limited are also supporters of the scheme.

The highest monthly salary of trainees under the "Special Security Training Programme" can be up to HK$17,500. The 3rd programme is now open for application, with 80 quotas for secondary school graduates or unemployed youngsters aged between 18 and 24 with equivalent education background. The course covering physical training, legal knowledge and emergency handling will be conducted by tutors with supervision or training experience at the Hong Kong Disciplined Services. Trainees are exempt from course fees, and can work in property or security companies after completion of the course. For those who are interested in joining the security industry and have good communication skills, this programme might mark a turning point in your career.