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Career and Study

What should students do after graduation?

Career and Study

No matter how fast and greatly society has changed, secondary school students of today still prefer traditional jobs such as teachers, nurses and social workers, according to a survey. It is probably because these jobs are more stable and involve helping others. Yet, in a knowledge society, many industries require related education background and qualifications. Surveys also indicated that secondary school students found tuition fees of self-financed diploma programmes too high. Therefore, students who aspire to get higher education should plan for their future directions and do financial preparation as early as possible. Students with financial difficulties need not panic, as you can either work your way through college or work full-time to earn money for tuition fees. Knowledge is infinite, so it is unnecessary for you to rush.

How about university graduates? A survey shows that many of them are willing to develop their career in the Mainland of China. It becomes more popular for Hong Kong employees to work in the mainland owing to the rapid development of the Chinese economy and the abundance of opportunities. Yet, the differences of working mode and culture between Hong Kong and the Mainland must be taken into consideration. In addition, with more opportunities, the competition will be more fierce.

Graduates of secondary schools will face a lot of challenges no matter which they choose, further education or employment. Every path has its ups and downs, so young people should unleash their full potential and do whatever they aspire to, instead of limiting themselves due to lack of experience.