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Career and Study

Increasing status of Women in Technology realm.

Career and Study

Women face more challenges in career progression than their male counterparts. In Google, female employees account for merely 30% of its global workforce, and only 18% of the tech posts are taken up by women. A 2014 report by the Women's Foundation and Economist Intelligence Unit showed that only 19% of the high-growth entrepreneurs in Hong Kong were women.

While women's level of knowledge is increasing, gender inequality is reduced and technology is no longer an industry dominated by men. According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, a recruitment agency, about 40% of the companies polled had recruited more women into technology roles over the past five years, and 35% of the companies held that the greater enrolment in technology education is the most effective in developing female technology leaders. 

In view of the importance of women's education, the Women's Foundation has organized a series of activities aiming to enhance female leadership and improve quality of life for women, including business- and technology-related events specially designed for women in Hong Kong. For instance, the GirlSpark Camp is designed for female students in tertiary institutions. ‘Adopt a Girl’s School’ initiative provides seminars and lectures on coding and tech industry for students in girls' schools. The foundation has also launched the WISE (Women in Science & Engineering) Scholarships to encourage female undergraduates to pursue engineering and technology degrees at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Women Make the Web Scholarship encourages women in Hong Kong to enroll web development courses. If you are interested in these programs, you can visit website of the Women's Foundation to look for more details.