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Tips for interview

Career and Study

Time flies and a month has passed since the end of summer vacation. I believe most graduates should have secured a job. For those who haven't, don't lose heart. I will share with you some interview tips which I hope will be useful for your next interview!
KPMG, one of the four biggest accounting firms in Hong Kong, divides its interview into four parts, including a face-to-face interview with the firm's partners. In this session, you are allowed to make enquiries about the practical operation of the industry, so you must be fully prepared in order to ask the right questions.

During the interview, the interviewers may ask some strange questions, such as:
“Imagine that you were a pencil and would soon be put into a blender, how would you escape from it?”
“What would be the headline of a news article about your whole life?”
“How would you stop Batman from fighting with Superman?”
“What’s the color of your brain?”
“What kind of fruit are you?”

Don't panic if you are asked such questions! In fact, interviewers don't expect the right answers, and there may be no right answers at all! Instead, they only want to test your stress tolerance and contingency ability. So you just need to stay calm and provide any answer you can think of. Never be struck dumb by the questions.

In fact, if you are well prepared, interviews are not as scary as you imagine. Remember to be well-dressed, punctual and good-mannered and bring all necessary documents! All these will demonstrate to an employer that you are prepared to make an effort to secure the position.