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Revelation on occupational disease

Career and Study

Earlier, some celebrity had, on the Internet, criticized diners at a restaurant for having dirty hands. Netizens bombarded the celebrity with accusation of discrimination over blue-collar workers, which led to much controversy. Anyway, different types of jobs could all lead to unavoidable occupational diseases, with damages exceeding those done to merely a pair of hands.

Animal beauticians, hairstylists and bakers are all at high risk of suffering from asthma, as the air in their working environment is full of chemical substances, flour protein, or animal hairs. Meanwhile, as sound waves refract in many large covered public facilities, the hearing ability of lifeguards and fitness coaches may be harmed as well. Nurses are constantly in contact with soaps and detergents and have to wear gloves containing chemical substances, making them prone to suffer from dermatitis. Dentists have to bend down to deal with patients’ dental problems on a daily basis, which could lead to arthritis and thoracic spine issues in the long run.

The risk of occupational disease is not limited to just labor practices. Even white-collar workers could suffer the same pain in their shoulder, neck or arm as postnatal care helpers, domestic helpers, and employees in the elderly care sector if they use the computer and sit in incorrect postures for long periods of time.

As some work-related diseases have not yet been officially recognized as occupational diseases, employees suffering from such diseases may not be eligible to take sick leave or obtain related compensations. Thus, employees should take sufficient prevention measures against work-related diseases and ensure proper rest at work. Should any physical problems arise, they must seek medical attention as soon as possible. Employees can also visit the website of Labour Department (http://www.labour.gov.hk/tc/public/content2_9c.htm) to learn more about occupational diseases.

Someone with a pair of hands that have been through much could be working hard for a person or a family. It is actually not difficult for people to be more considerate of others.