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Career and Study

100 dream jobs in 2014

Career and Study

A dream job is defined differently to everyone. To some people, dream jobs are well-paying jobs; some believe in ideals; some prefer work as play; some focus on the right challenges… Everyone has different perspectives and needs, so how can we define a “dream job”? An American team of researchers conducted a survey titled “The 100 Best Jobs 2014”. The survey included jobs which are well-paying professions, have huge demand for talents and have great influence on our daily life as part of the definition of dream jobs. The result was surprising to all because although traditional professions such as lawyers and accountants were still listed in the top 100, the IT army usurped the crown as the top dream career: 

Dream Job Ranking          Profession
1                                             Software developer
2                                             Computer systems analyst
24                                           IT Manager
39                                           Accountant
51                                           Lawyer
* U.S. News – The 100 Best Jobs

IT industries had experienced downturns but are now flourishing with vigor in recent years! With the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions of global conglomerations, there is an unquenchable thirst for new talents in these expanding industries. Start working for your dream job now!