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Career and Study

Way out: Universities in Taiwan?

Career and Study

Hong Kong sees an increasingly fierce competition for places in local universities. It's never easy to get promoted to local universities: students not only need to compete with fellow students but also associate-degree holders and mainland/overseas applicants. Those who are not confident in this "war" have already enrolled in non-local programs. Given the relatively cheaper tuition fees when compared with its counterparts in the West, as well as the similar cultural background with Hong Kong, universities in Taiwan are popular among Hong Kong candidates.

Students who study Communication in Taiwan revealed that movies from Taiwan are increasingly popular in recent years. Private enterprises are willing to invest in film market. In addition, little restriction on the shooting scenes in Taiwan is conductive to the blossom of innovation and creativity. Less popular subjects such as horticulture and veterinary medicine see a rather large capacity for development.  Given that Taiwan offers subjects that are rare in HK including agriculture and marine biology, students are encouraged to explore the “new” subjects that intrigue them.

Nevertheless, students should bear in mind that not all of the subjects offered in Taiwan are acknowledged by the Government of the HKSAR. In this light, one should research thoroughly on their target subject before any enrolment takes place. Students can also apply for assessments from Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications to get accredited qualification upon graduation.