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Career and Study

They need new blood (Funeral service industry)

Career and Study

We all have to go through different stages of life, namely, birth, illness, ageing, and death. Every day, babies are born to this world, but every day there are people leaving. When a baby is born, it can win the love of everyone around it. But who will still enjoy people’s respect when they pass away? The mission of the funeral industry is to give the deceased the best service in the last journey of their life.

A total of approximately 40,000 people passed away in Hong Kong every year. Yet, most workers in the funeral services sector are in their 50s and the sector began to see a shortage of new hands. It is in urgent need of attracting the younger generation to join. However, the related job vacancies are almost always passed to friends or relatives, and there is little chance for outsiders to join. Nevertheless, many of the second generation of the funeral workers are not interested in taking over the family business, and therefore the industry starts to lure new faces from outside.

Some veterans of the industry have been teaching classes related to beautifying the dead bodies with cosmetics, the stonecrafting workshops and other aspects of the industry, providing students who are really interested in the industry a peek at it. Yet some students turn down the job offers after completing the courses, as they have difficulty dealing with dead bodies. Therefore, although connections are needed for joining the industry, the biggest hurdle for new comers is to overcome the psychological factor.