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10 least-stressful jobs in 2015

Career and Study

Hong Kong is often crowned as the place where citizens suffer the most immense stress from work across the globe. Almost everybody works in a physically and mentally weary state every day. The vast majority are still troubled by work even after working hours. A US recruitment website has earlier announced the research result on ten most-stressful and least-stressful jobs. The list of 10 least-stressful jobs is as follows. (We won’t talk about the most-stressful jobs to add to readers’ stress.)

The survey reveals that hair stylist is the least stressful job, followed by audiologist, tenured professor, and the forth to tenth are

4. medical record staff

5. jeweler

6. medical laboratory technicians

7. tailor

8. nutritionist

9. librarian

10. forklift operator

The working environment of most of the above-mentioned jobs is relatively simple, and the job nature itself features little changes. In this light, these professions do not need to cope with complex interpersonal relationships, and subsequently less stress will be resulted. Take tenured college professors as an example, they can fully engage in research without worrying about their income as they have already secured the offer of a tenured faculty members. When it comes to hairstylists, most westerners do not have much requirement on hair style and all they want is to look decent and tidy. Therefore, hairstylists won’t have too much pressure.

Thus, work stress largely depends on the working environment and requirement.

Nevertheless, Hong Kongers are advised to take the list as a reference only as the research was conducted in the US.