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Art Administrative Assistant

Art Administrative Assistant

Art administration includes all matters other than artistic creation, such as desk work, file management, liaison, negotiation about copyrights, fundraising for production costs, performance planning, marketing and more. Its job description may vary in accordance with the nature of art institutions. For example, museum administrators should be familiar with the planning of exhibition venues; gallery administrators need to master the process of selling and buying artworks; and troupe administrators may have to participate in performance planning.

Generally, art administration is more diversified than administrative work at regular companies. Art administrative assistants, with a chance to work in different places, need to have knowledge of and interest in arts and culture and possess excellent communication skills and management capacity. In addition, knowledge about web or graphic design will give one an edge in promotional work.

Museums and performing arts groups also need art administrators. However, as many arts groups have limited funds and may only have the budget to hire one such administrator,

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