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Estate Agent

Estate Agent

Real estate brokers expand client base and actively establish social network

Hong Kong economy is intertwined with the development of real estate market. When economy booms, the public can hardly keep pace with the rocketing housing price; on the contrary, negative equity can be found everywhere amid economic downturn. Real estate broker is a profession that fluctuates with the changes of real estate market. 
The majority reckon that real estate brokers and salesperson perform similar duties and the only difference lies in the products they sell. Nonetheless, one should never neglect the fact that a license is a prerequisite to a real estate broker. Real estate brokers should have thorough understanding of the laws and regulations about real estate brokerage, land registration system, and property ownership verification in Hong Kong, as well as the principles and practices for property valuation, and other issues about leasing. They must strictly comply with the related regulations and procedures as solid knowledge regarding the relations is key to their promotion.

Moreover, property agents must take the initiative to build their own social network. After all, home-buying is a big decision in life and clients can never make the decision all at once. Property agents need to communicate with customers and strive to expand customer base and build up experiences and contacts. It is note-worthy that most customers have no time to visit properties unless it is during non-working hours or on holidays. In this light, property agents should be prepared to sacrifice quite a lot of personal time.

The real estate industry has sunk into “cold winter” amid the turnover plummet in recent years under the government’s tough measures to cool the demands. Quite a few professionals in the sector said property agencies need to be more “fierce” to establish a firm footing, but this doesn't mean that they can scramble for more clients at bus stops and taxi stations illegally.

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