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/en/career-and-study/stories/detail.htm?content-id=2428739§ion=CSA en /html/www/en/images/career-and-study/stories/cover-photo/900x506dse-support-kit-cover-en.png /html/www/en/images/career-and-study/stories/cover-photo/900x506dse-support-kit-cover-en.png /html/www/en/images/career-and-study/stories/cover-photo/900x506dse-support-kit-cover-en.png DSE2023 Student Support Kit To help you prepare for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) Results Release Day, we have consolidated useful DSE-related information into this "DSE2023 Student Support Kit" so as to assist you in realising academic and career aspirations through various feasible pathways. The "Student Support Kit" will be constantly updated to include latest information. 1. Preparation before DSE Results Release 2. Study Series 3. Career Series 4. Subsidy Series - [Preparation] Helpful Tips for the Big Day - [Preparation] We Support You! - [Preparation] Reprioritising of Programme Choices under JUPAS     - [Study] Flexible Admissions Arrangement for JUPAS Candidates - [Study] JUPAS Participating-institutions' Admission Requirements - [Study] Information on Non-JUPAS Applications - [Study] Study in the Mainland and Overseas - [Study] Instructions to Repeaters & Private Candidates - [Study] How to Prepare for Your Interview?   - [Career] Ways to Get Employed - [Career] Advice on Finding and Adapting to a Job - [Career] On-the-job Training  - [Subsidy] Subsidy Schemes for Local Studies - [Subsidy] Any subsidy for Studying in the Mainland?   2428739 |HKDSE||Study||DSEStudentSupportKit| |CSA| 2023-07-10 00:00:00.0