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Impression of Natural Lantau Video Competition

Impression of Natural Lantau Video Competition



‧ To encourage the public to actively explore the natural environment of Lantau, and to raise the public awareness on Lantau natural conservation by various means of knowledge exchange

‧ To compile an online collection of videos and share with the public as an open source of Lantau wildlife information

‧ To invite natural photographers and film makers to introduce the ecology of Lantau and share their insights

Competition Theme

To exhibit the unique natural wildlife of Lantau

Please note that:

‧ Pets are not regarded as natural wildlife;

‧ Unless agreed by the Organizer, wild dogs or cats are not accepted as an Entry theme;

‧ Contestants must not engage wildlife by means of baiting, capturing, keeping them as pets, scaring or other unscrupulous methods.


‧ Contestants shall form a team of 1-4 people in order to enroll, one of which would be the leader for contact purpose.

‧ Age of all Contestants shall be counted up to the date of open application of the Competition.

‧ A team can only submit one application form under either Tertiary Student Category or Open Category. Contestant cannot be the member of more than one team.

Tertiary Student Category

‧ All Contestants must hold a valid local full-time tertiary student card.

‧ Contestants under 18 years old must seek and submit a written consent from parent or legal guardian at the time of Enrollment form submission.

Open Category

‧ All Contestants must be aged 18 or above and hold a valid Hong Kong Identity Card.


Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Date of Enrollment

01/02/2019 to 01/12/2019