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Bear on bike - Ha Pak Nai

Bear on bike - Ha Pak Nai

| Renting bicycles:Tin Tsz Shopping Centre (Around $30-$40) | Distance:About 8.6 km | Travelling time:Around 1.5 hours |

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There are mainly three spots along the cycling route

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Point 1: The nearest road to the sea

Along the route, you will ride on the road which is the nearest to the sea. The road is very narrow, sometimes you need to give way to the cars, so be careful! You can look at the beach here very closely, but you have not yet arrived Ha Pak Nai, there is still a path to go.

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Point 2: Crabs

Before entering Ha Pak Nai, there is a path along the river. The path is rough and narrow, walk with care or you will get hurt easily. Alongside there are lots of little crabs, like Uca arcuata, Ilyoplax tansuiensis, Sesarminae Crab and Perisesarma bidens. Follow the signs as shown below, then Ha Pak Nai will be right in front!

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Point 3: Sunset

Pass the path along the river, get in the mudflat, you may find many burrows and oyster beds. Perhaps due to the charming scene of the sunset, couples do not mind spending time to come here for a private moment. The reason for the attractiveness of the sunset is not only because of that moment, but is also because of the one beside you, and the eternity in your mind too.

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