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Bear on bike - Nam Sang Wai

Bear on bike - Nam Sang Wai

| Renting bicycles:Yuen Long Station of MTR West Rail Line (Around $30-$40) | Distance:About 8.4 km | Travelling time:Around 1.5 hours |

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There are mainly five spots along the cycling route

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Spot 1: Grassland

Once you enter Nam Sang Wai, you will see a large piece of grassland. As the grassland is spacious, many teenagers love to cycle there. They usually have picnic or play remote-control model plane over the grassland.

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Spot 2: Rows of trees and the steppe

Going straight over the grassland, you can watch the scenic view of the grassy steppe. Walking along the path, you can see a jungle of reeds and the tall trees along the two sides of the path.

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Spot 3: The pond and foot bridge

If you have watched the previous videos clips of Bear Head, you must know the girl called “Siu Kiu”, who has become many teenage boys’ ideal girl friend. Boys, though you may not be able to go to Nam Sang Wai with “Siu Kiu”, you can still have a taste of romance by watching the view of the pond and foot bridge at Nam Sang Wai! On the way going straight along the path, you can stop to have a look at the beautiful view of the pond and foot bridge. Many Hong Kong TV dramas were shot there because of the attractive view. The romantic mood of the spot also attracts lots of couples to have their wedding photos shot at the site. It is also a hot dating spot.

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Spot 4: The Tuck Shop – iced mango slice, iced pineapple slice and soybean curd

You may go to the tuck shop at Nam Sang Wai to have some snacks and take a rest if you feel tired after cycling. The tuck shop sells some traditional Hong Kong snacks like iced mango slice, iced pineapple slice, soybean curd and so on. The homely taste of the snacks leads us to reminisce the memories of buying snacks at secondary school’s tuck shop.

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Spot 5: The Inter Island

You must try riding on the Inter Islands if you go to Nam Sang Wai. Though the travelling time of crossing the river by Inter Islands is less than 3 minutes, you can still enjoy the beautiful view of village houses along the sides of the river. You can also take your bike with you when riding on the Inter Islands.

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