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Carbon Trading Game

What is ‘Carbon Trading Game’? First of all, divide the students into 6 teams representing 6 countries. Each team has to make use of simple tools and paper to create a shape to represent their country. However, no country possesses all the tools and production materials needed to create the shapes. In this way, countries have to negotiate and trade with each other in order to get the tools needed in production. The rapid development of countries hastens the paper consumption and results in issues in sustainable development and pollution. United Nations, as a leader of the Game, introduces some policies and measures in face of the issues.

The interesting thing is that, not all countries have all their needs, so they need to negotiate and they need to trade with each other. On the way, the world develops and more paper is cut, they run across issues in sustainability and pollution. Then the United Nations as the leader of the game, introduces policy measures to deal with sustainability and pollution issues.

Teng Hoi Conservation Organisation, leaded by Geogre Woodman, brings the Game to the local primary, secondary and tertiary schools. It is to bring another learning experience to the students through which they can understand the issues of sustainable development and pollution.