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Marine Department - Marine Officer(2)

Marine Department


Marine Department - Marine Officer(2) (Marine Department)

Marine Officer of Marine Department, Man, “Life is moving way too fast, all teenagers should seize the moments to explore the world and broaden the horizons. I have decided to take up a seafaring career in which female mariners are rarely found, yet I believe it can let me learn to be independent. And now, I have even worked as Marine Officer of Marine Department. “

Marine Officer of Marine Department, Him, “Working on ocean going vessels provide us with the opportunities to visit different countries and experience the local culture. For example, I have been to Gothenburg in Sweden and Bremen in Germany to experience their magnificent architecture and heritage. If you enjoy experiencing different cultures through travelling, I would strongly recommended you to pursue a seafaring career, and then join the Marine Department as a Marine Officer to put into practice what has been learned. “

Please watch the video for more information about job duties, career path… etc. of Marine Officers of Marine Department.

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